Romans:12:9-10. Love in action. It is so easy for our expressions to one another in the body of Christ to be phony. We can often respond out of Christian expectation and yet God is never pleased with just our actions, He wants our heart to be involved as well. If we treat people as we know we should but inwardly think differently about them, then our soul has become dim. God knows that sincere love, non pretending love, is best. I believe when Paul says, “Love must be sincere,” he is saying if love isn’t sincere, it really isn’t love. It might be manners, it might be show, it might be church correct behavior, but it isn’t love. Perhaps that is why he uses the word “must”. The original word for sincere means non-hypocritical. God calls us to love, but to love in a way that is real to the core, from the heart and attached to the love and mercy shown to us by God. O Lord, take the dimness of my soul away so I can love! And my prayer for tonight: O Lord, take the dimness of my soul away. Help me to love as You love. Give me the courage to love what You love and hate what You hate. Shine brightly in my soul! #thebible #thegospel #scripture #wordfortoday #biblepassages #bibleverses #dailyverse #dailydevotion #verseoftheday #potd #JesusIsAlive #Jesus #faith #love #hope #picoftheday #photooftheday #today #good #ig #igers #igdaily #instagramhub

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